For Your High School Class

Interactive Java is free for instructors, but high schools will need to purchase access codes for their students.

See "For Instructors" above for technical support documents.

If you are a high school teacher who wants to use Interactive Java for your class, use the form1 below to let us know the following information:

How Do We Contact You?

Where Do You Teach?

Are there any other instructors or TAs who will need course management permissions in the homework system?

How Did You Hear About Interactive Java?


(1) The form is intended for use on a machine with a default email client. Clicking Submit should bring up a new message prepopulated with the information from the form. If you are on a public machine, use a web-based email client, or if the form fails to create an email message (you can go ahead and test it before entering the data), please email us with the information entered directly.